C4C Housing Systems Workshop Series

C4C Housing Systems Workshop Series

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Creating true housing affordability in Canada through increasing supply requires knowing and using the necessary technical tools. Governments have recognized that reform is needed on the building supply side, in the approvals process, and in the provision of the necessary financial incentives. Further, targeted and systems-level investments in housing solutions can help in addressing pressing issues tied to climate change, public health, income gaps, and racial inequality. Governments, private developers, non-profits and community organizers need to leverage the right technical expertise and tools in order to build true affordable housing.

Continuing where March 2022 C4C Housing Systems and Innovation Summit left off, the Housing Systems Workshop Series will comprise 4 weekly sessions on Tuesdays throughout June. The workshops will leverage the technical expertise of leading practitioners engaged in the tools of creating systems-level change to the housing sector. Registration is open and free of charge.


Postponed (TBA): stay tuned for more details and register below for updates

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM: Community Planning Permit Systems

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Organizing Team

  • Anneke Smit
    Director, Centre for Cities and Associate Professor, Windsor Law
  • Princess Doe
    Student Research Associate, Centre for Cities and 3L Windsor Law student
  • James Tischler
    Development Director, Michigan Land Bank Authority; Visiting Fellow, Centre for Cities, Windsor Law
  • Rino Bortolin
    Councillor, Ward 3; Chair, Planning Development and Heritage Standing Committee, City of Windsor


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Anneke Smit
Director, Centre for Cities
[email protected]

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