Session 4: Housing Form Innovations in Systems Context

Session 4: Housing Form Innovations in Systems Context

Innovation in housing will be key to ensuring we keep pace with demand.  Innovation will be seen across all sectors, from finance to construction and even in policy development and systems designs, to ensure the regulatory framework does not impede or slow down new construction yet ensure public confidence and safety.  How do innovative ideas work within a broader systems approach? What regulatory changes need to happen to support innovation? How do we apply innovative solutions to broader community engagement that works to include those who have been historically excluded in housing policy work? True innovation will see more equity-seeking groups play larger roles within the systems context, how do we elevate those voices to become investors, developers and landlords?


  • Leandro Santos
    Research Planner, Canadian Urban Institute


  • Cheryll Case
    Founder and Principal Urban Planner, CP Planning; Early Career Canadian Urban Leader, School of Cities, University of Toronto
  • Sarah Cipkar
    Project Lead,; PhD candidate, School of Geography, University of Toronto
  • Camilo Garay
    Co-founder, WoodHAUS
  • Michael Hoppe
    Founder, Petite Homes
  • Janna Levitt
    Co-founder, LGA Architectural Partners
  • Kennedy Murray
    Student, UWindsor, Ways of Knowing Housing Intensive course
  • Rhys Trenhaile
    CEO, Walkerville Capital and CEO, The Vanguard Team, Manor Real Estate
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