BOLD Policy Project

BOLD Policy Project

From the auction block to the back of the bus to street pavement executions—Black people have historically experienced, and continue to experience, disproportionate, distinct public space discrimination.

Led by Jay Pitter Placemaking, in collaboration with the Windsor Law Centre for Cities, the BOLD Policy Project seeks to transform Black public space precarity to equitable public space through policy reform. Through in-depth public space policy research, municipal policy reviews, community engagement and a public survey creating space for Black-identified individuals to share their public space stories, this initiative seeks to identify core structural challenges contributing to anti-Blackness in the public realm. Equally important, the BOLD Policy Project employs an asset-based lens, which will identify good public space policies and practices mitigating long-standing challenges and, when appropriate, highlight how learnings may be applicable to other equity-deserving groups.

There is enough space and justice for all of us.

The BOLD Policy Project is made possible by the generous funding and forward-thinking of United Way Greater Toronto (Project Trustee), United Way Calgary and Area, and the Toronto Foundation.

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