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Indigenous Legal Orders Summer Property Law Pre-Law Programme Creation

This project will be supported by a $5,000 grant received by the Indigenous Legal Orders Institute Indigenous Summer Pre-Law Program from the Nanadagikenim – Seek to Know Grant Programme of the Centre of Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor. The project will be led by Valarie Waboose, Beverly Jacobs, Sylvia McAdam, and Anneke Smit, Faculty of Law; and Elder Myrna Kicknosway.

The Indigenous Legal Orders Institute (“ILOI”) Indigenous Summer Pre-law Program is a summer course to be offered to incoming Indigenous law students that provides an in-depth understanding of the distinct realms of Canadian property law and Indigenous legal orders. The Indigenous Summer Pre-law Program will become available to any Indigenous student that has been accepted into law school across Canada, not just those students accepted at Windsor Law. The program will take place in the summer prior to student’s first year of study where course participants will have the opportunity to learn about the distinctiveness and critical impact of Indigenous Legal Orders and first year property law. Upon completion, this course will replace the mandatory first year property law requirement, thus alleviating the Indigenous students first-year workload, minimizing the cultural shock that can occur and setting them up for a successful first year having developed foundational skills for studying law.

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