Windsor Law Centre for Cities Research Assistants – ADU Project

In collaboration with community partners, this externally-funded project will focus on the creation of data and policy tools to support the growth of additional dwelling units (ADUs) in Windsor-Essex and beyond.

As there is little known about the quantity of ADUs (existing and in construction), their financial and market value feasibility, and their impact on the socioeconomic makeup of a geographic region, this project requires a comprehensive literature review focused on three major components:

  1. Policy feasibility: ADU and secondary suite legislation locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally
  2. Financial feasibility: ADU affordability in ownership and rental markets
  3. Physical feasibility: Standardized methodology for GIS data collection and mapping for ADUs

Research Assistants will be required to:

  • Prepare an annotated bibliography and subsequent literature review on their assigned subject area;
  • Explore municipal open data portals for potential datasets of value to broader research objectives;
  • Assist with the editing and preparation of materials for Steering Committee Review;
  • Meet regularly with Project Coordinator and C4C Supervising Professor to discuss research assignments;
  • Manage and reply to project-related correspondence;
  • Attend weekly project meetings for duration of contract;
  • Prepare other articles, policy reports, presentations and online publications;
  • Perform routine clerical duties as instructed, if essential to the research activities of the supervisor or project to which the research assistant is assigned;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervising Professor and external Project Coordinator.

Project Timelines & Work Hours:

Each position is funded to 240 hours to be worked in the period between April 19th and June 28th (10 weeks). Due to the funding deadline, the project has a quick timeline and the bulk of the work will potentially need to occur in the first half of the employment period. 

Qualifications & Required Skills:

In addition to qualifications noted in the general call for applications, experience with the following would be considered an asset for one or more of the above positions:


-data management

-housing policy

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