CCAF Climate language municipality mapping tool: Official plans, zoning by-laws and climate emergency declarations

This mapping tool allows municipalities, researchers, and other community organizers to see at a glance which Ontario municipalities have included climate change-related language in key planning documents. 

How to use the map tool:

Use the menu:

Ensure the left-hand bar menu is visible. Utilizing the menu, users may customize the map they wish to see by selecting any or all of:

a) municipalities that use climate-related language in their official plans, and/or

b) municipalities that use climate-related language in their zoning by-laws.

c) municipalities that have declared climate emergencies.


Zoom in on the map:

Alternatively, users may search directly on the map by zooming in on the desired geographical area and selecting the municipality of choice by clicking on its marker. 

The map will be easiest to read in full screen (see icon at top right corner of map below).

To learn more about this project and the Cities and Climate Action Forum click here.

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