New Windsor Law Centre for Cities Research Assistants

(15 May 2020) The Windsor Law Centre for Cities is pleased to introduce our two research assistants for the summer of 2020. Michael Fazzari and Hana Syed are both entering 2L at Windsor Law and join our team effective immediately.

Michael Fazzari

Michael Fazzari is our first Windsor Law Centre for Cities student Research Associate. He will be with us throughout the summer and the 2021-21 academic year. Michael is primarily supporting the establishment of the new Centre’s operating framework and priorities, and the strengthening of our research and community engagement networks.

Prior to attending law school, Michael completed a Master of Public Policy at the University of Toronto where he studied urban policy and governance. After graduating, he proceeded to work as a Policy Analyst with a municipality in the Greater Toronto Area. In this role, Michael gained invaluable experience in undertaking community consultations to develop and implement policies. Michael has a demonstrated interest in municipal law and governance and is interested in exploring the role that municipalities have in advancing important legal issues such as climate change and sustainability. He is excited to join the Windsor Law Centre for Cities and to work with students, faculty, community organizations and municipalities to advance sustainable and inclusive local governance. 

Welcome, Michael! 

Hana Syed

Hana Syed joins the Centre for Cities team as our Windsor Law ERAP research assistant for summer 2020. She is leading the research on the Centre’s “Municipalities, State of Emergency and Participatory Governance” policy paper.  The paper, due to be released in late June 2020, will provide a snapshot of municipal governance across Canada during the pandemic and recommendations for legislative reform.

Prior to law school, Hana earned her HBSc in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Toronto. Today, she continues to advise and advocate for the City of Toronto’s best interests through research, public consultations, and deputations, specializing in transit, housing, mental health and youth engagement. Last summer, she was invited by the Toronto City Manager and TTC CEO to serve on the City’s Expert Advisory Panel to inform the Ontario-Toronto Realignment of Transit Responsibilities Review. Hana is the Co-founder of the internationally recognized non-profit organization, Global Youth Impact (GYI) – a platform for youth to develop their leadership, public speaking, and academic/career skills through workshops, community engagement, and campaigns. She is a featured TEDx speaker and is regularly invited to share her expertise, deliver speeches, and host workshops for schools, community initiatives, international conferences, and news media.

We’re excited to have you join the team, Hana!

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