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AM800 Citybuilding: St. Patrick’s Day in Ford City with Richard Bayley and Brandon Lunansky

(13 March 2024)

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Ford City this weekend was the focus of this week’s C4C/AM800 city building segment. Neighbourhood business owners Richard Bayley of Sawyers Craft BBQ, and Brandon Lunansky of Lunansky’s Coney Island, joined host Dan MacDonald to talk about the benefits of local business owners coming together to throw collaborative, public events. This year, Windsor’s tight-knit and bustling Ford City neighbourhood will play host to an all-day St. Patrick’s Day event with live music, pop-up patios, drink tents, great food, and more. Come out to Ford City– Drouillard Road & Whelpton St.– from 9 AM-9 PM on March 17, 2024, to join the fun. 

Listen to the segment here.

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