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AM800 Citybuilding: Canadian Urban Institute’s Mary Rowe on the State of Canada’s Cities Report Launch

(6 December 2023)

On this week’s AM800 Citybuilding segment, Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) President and CEO Mary Rowe gave a recap of the CUI State of Canada’s Cities Summit and Report launch that took place last week in Ottawa. Mary spoke on some of the different voices we heard at the Summit and in the Report (including C4C staff Anneke Smit, Rino Bortolin, and Dorian Moore’s contributions), the decision to host the Summit in Ottawa, and a peek into some of the Report’s major themes.

The Report, which launched during last week’s Summit, provides insight into the role of municipalities as leaders in addressing the challenges we face as a nation, like housing, economic diversification, and social equity, as well as the role of post-secondary institutions in addressing these same issues; cities as a site of human connection and proximity; and the reshuffling of urban life through the pandemic.

Mary spoke on how the Report highlights the value in using place-centric, strengths-based, horizontal decision-making and solution-making as a foundation of good citybuilding, and how we can apply these tenets to enhance our citybuilding strategy here in Windsor. 

Read the Report here.

Listen to the segment here

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