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AM800 Citybuilding: 20 Years of Phog Lounge with Owner Tom Lucier

(4 January 2024)

This C4C/AM800 Citybuilding segment featured Tom Lucier, the owner of Phog Lounge, a ‘small, but mighty’ space for arts, culture, and entertainment in the heart of downtown Windsor. Tom joined host Dan MacDonald to discuss the 20-year journey of Phog Lounge, which has become not only a staple of Windsor nightlife, but also in the broader Canadian and international artistic scenes. Over the years, Phog has played host to thousands of artists from diverse walks of life, and was voted Best Live Venue in Canada by CBC Radio 3 listeners in 2009. Tom spoke on how social connection and community are the driving forces behind a thriving arts and entertainment scene, and reflected on how the lounge’s journey has been shaped by the people who frequent it. 

Listen to the segment to join Tom and Dan on a walk down memory lane of 20 years of good times and challenges behind running a community-centred, arts-focused small business. 

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